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X Digital Lobby

Big Benefits for your Brand

#1 Most Engaged

Compared to other On-Premise Digital Programs, Digital Lobby beats them all! Averaging over 20% usage per place, Brands are getting their message out to more consumers daily than before.

A True Channel

Digital Lobby is the first true advertising channel built for WiFi. For the first time you can distribute your campaigns within multiple places via the Digital Lobby WiFi channel. Target your campaign by geographic locations, zip code, demographics or vertical market types.

Single Voice

Digital Lobby Provides Single Voice Placement within the WiFi Gateway – When consumers log on they will ONLY view your Brands Message, Promotion, AND Offer. Digital Lobby’s platform is flexible to accommodate any type of Message a brand needs.


Your brand will be placed on Free WiFi call to action signs through out all your placement locations.

Auto Remarketing

Digital Lobby captures consumers email or social credentials for the ability to automatically remarket back to them long after their visit! By continuing the conversation (28x per year) we can provide opportunities to help carry your message on long after the user has left the location or event. Our automated remarketing is 100% Hands free and Always On!

Great Data

Digital Lobby’s Platform provides Brands customer profile analytics based on campaigns, events, or simple daily activity. Our reporting includes social metrics and information from age, gender, hometown, favorites, likes, emails, and more.