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X Digital Lobby

Big Benefits for your Place

On-Premise Engagement

WiFi engages more people than any other marketing program in your store! Simply plug in Digital Lobby and lead your customers to Big Benefits and Fun Offers!

Reach More Customers

Digital Lobby is Connected within your local community – Reach more customers locally in your neighborhood daily! – Digital lobby powers up your local Park District, Libraries, High Schools, and Town Centers – Reach your customers everyday they log onto WiFi

Grow Your Social

Grow more Likes on Facebook or Followers on Twitter – Digital Lobby helps increase your social engagements. Digital Lobby connects your customers multiple times a day “Like” or share socially!

Hands Free Remarketing

Our automated remarketing is 100% Hands Free! We deliver scheduled automated remarketing messages via email or social to your customers for life! – All Hands Free!

Real-Time Reporting

Track, Capture, and analyze your customer during their visit – All programs come with an easy to understand analytic platform dashboard and simple measurement tools.